New: 004 Drop Shipment Console supports personalized products

The 004 Drop Shipment Console just received an update to support personalized products. Your customers can now order i.e. shirts personalized with their initials. Your supplier would automatically receive the orders using the 004 Drop Shipment Console, personalize the items and ship them directly to your customers.
This allows you to easily extend your catalog with “hand made” products without generating any additional stock keeping costs.

The 004 Drop Shipment Console is a web based application, allowing you to offer your online shop as an additional sales channel to small and medium size suppliers and manufacturers. Your supplier can use the tool without any integration costs and start shipping to your customers within minutes. The 004 Drop Shipment Console allows for printing all necessary documents for the shipment in your look and feel. The seamless integration into the Global Commerce Suite allows for full transparency over all orders and shipments made by your partners. If you are interested, please contact your Shop Manager or