A fine thing

We fit and photograph your product, adjusting the set up for each item. Our teams work hand-in-hand – this means we get a consistent look and feel. Each item of clothing has its own characteristics that we can provide for with our variety of space mannequins. Male, female, athletic, plus size, kids or underwear. Our in-house post-production provides high quality and means we can respond quickly to your individual requests for changes. This form of presentation is very efficient, since a high throughput is achieved each day. The best time management always ensures consistent standards of quality. We work together with you to develop a style guide, to define the desired quality levels. Photographing form fittings is one of our key areas of expertise that we’ve been offering successfully for over 12 years. Whether it’s in the field of high fashion, sport or night and daywear – product photography for e-commerce is our trade. Our high degree of flexibility, together with our in-house image processing, is what sets us apart, and is an essential ingredient of large-scale photo production. Post-production covers everything that you need for your advertising, newsletter or even print products, ranging from the simplest retouching work to beauty retouching and image cutting. Want to know how we handle goods? Simply take a look at our photo work flow!