Efficient production processes – flexibility – speed


To stay true to our motto of “Shoot today – online tomorrow”, target-oriented planning is the first and most vital step of an effective work flow when tackling our large-scale productions. Even for high throughputs of up to 4000 items a month, we guarantee quality standards will remain the same and that image data will be provided on time, as agreed. In addition to space mannequin photography, we also offer high-quality model photography. We guide our customers through the process of developing an image concept, booking the models and putting together teams of photographers, stylists and make-up artists for the shoot, either in the in-house studio, our external photo studio or on location.

We plan a straightforward, smooth working schedule based on the information we receive on the scope of goods, delivery date and the style guide documents. Our production chains are based on years of experience and continuous optimisation – they fit together efficiently, thereby ensuring scalability that is easy to manage and fast, optimum results.


In the large studio, our team of professional stylists ensures that fashion wear is fitted perfectly to our space mannequins and that in our table top studio, other accessories such as shoes, bags, watches or hats can be draped according to customer requirements. Depending on the information in the style guide, model shoots either take place in the in-house or external studio or on location. The client receives regular progress reports as a matter of course.



The raw data is now available for in-house post-production. Professional image editors ensure that colours match the original products. Retouches, composing and many other steps are taken care of at this point. The image data is now tailored to customer requirements and prepared – whether that’s for the customer’s own online shop, external e-commerce platforms or print production. When we experience high volumes, we work very closely with an experienced pool of external image editors in order to still be able to ensure quick turnaround times. Checks by our in-house post-production team ensure rapid, efficient and personalised work steps. Text content for online shops is generated and layouts are created for campaigns. The image data goes through one final check.


The finished image data is now made available in the requested media formats and uploaded to the image data bank which is personalised for each client. Each client can now use meta data to search for item images and use these as required. If required, direct deliveries can be made to other external points of sale. Our clients have a reporting structure which ensures the best possible transparency.


The data is transferred to our back-up systems. The product images are now visible on all platforms and ensure item sales. The goods are once again reviewed, paid for, packaged and then finally sent to the customer or included in our storage system, so that the items can be sold in a timely manner.